Monday, October 27, 2014

My Eyes Hurt So Much

I have been gone for so long.

I lost interest in keeping up this blog.  I had said fuck it and walked away from it.

I was unable to be creative enough to maintain it even weekly, biweekly, monthly.  You name it.

So I walked away and said let it sit on the decaying fields of the internet to one day be seen by someone who could give more than I could.

Then I had a kid 2.5 months ago and I really forgot about this thing.  I moved my bookmarks on chrome so I would have to go hunting to find my Blogger icon.  I was through with things.

Then I was sitting here tonight and thought maybe I should toss a post up.  Maybe I could talk about something short and sweet.  See what the response would be from it.  I am pretty sure this blog has been a nest egg for bots on blogger more than human beings.

I am ok with feeding my future overlords.

I finally got a new desk for my computer.  A nice large, L shape desk.  My computer area is going to look so nice.  Hell I will finally be able to get my third monitor up and going again.

Its this thing

Its a nice desk that will have a lot of room and allow me to actually get work done at home.

And I see that I could have gotten a better deal on it from another store.  Almost $40 better.


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